Eric Inspektor, Others Comment On State Of Canadian Asset-Based Lending Market In Financing Company Growth

Traditional lending has long been the way most Canadian company owners have financed their business growth. They’ve gone to banks or other lending institutions, applied for loans and paid them off over time. Things, however, are changing, as a portion of business owners are now pursuing asset-based lending, an alternative form of financing.

How Asset-Based Funding Works: Eric Inspektor Answers Common Questions

For many companies that don’t have proven credit histories or for one reason or another don’t qualify for traditional loans when it’s time to expand, the option that’s become increasingly attractive to them is an alternative one — asset-based lending

Eric Inspektor:- Co-Founder of CORFinancial Corp.

Eric Inspektor is a Toronto-based executive with more than 30 years of experience in the financial lending industry.

CORFinancial’s Eric Inspektor says think different when borrowing for your business

Small and midsize businesses have been put under immense pressure due to the ongoing COVID-19 health pandemic. Many business owners have struggled to pay their employees, while others are heavily dependent on cash flow and access to financing.